Sunday, November 4, 2012

Week 1 of giving thanks...

Thankful for...

1. Larry Fedora.
I had a good feeling about this man since day 1, and I am proud to have him join the Tarheel family as an unbelievable role model, leader, and coach. Larry, you got tha swag.

2. My job.
I am so blessed to have such a great job. I have not only made great friendships at work, but I have learned what a good boss looks like, and how important it is to love your job. I am growing so much and even on the longest of days, I still feel so lucky to be where I am.

3.  Breakfast foods.
Well, to me this doesn't need an explanation. Anything with bacon, cheese, and carbs wins me over real fast.

4. Fall fashion.
Ya'll. There is not much better than layers, boots, more layers, blazers, and scarves. I just love it all.

5. My boyfriend.
This guy is the most patient, loving person I know. He is forgiving, never judges others, and has the biggest heart. I have seen him do things for complete strangers that most people can't fathom doing for people they know. Thanks for being this way. I love you.

6. Hot showers.
To most people, this is part of everyday life. To a lot of other people, this is a major luxury. Next time it's cold outside and you get to stand in a hot shower with soap and shampoo, be extra thankful, knowing that there are some people who would give anything to count on having that every day.

7. Good books.
One of my favorite things to do, especially when it's cold out, is to read. I literally get giddy some nights when I know I get to crawl into my sheets with a candle burning and a great book. To me, it's the best part of being out of college.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them."


That is all. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some {fabulous} things

Mustard Anything

Messy Updos
Black and White Room Accents

Boyfriend Jeans

Good Books

Vintage Bags

Fabulous Stationary

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Project Anyone?

I have had a few friends in the past couple of weeks ask me for help with distressing furniture. I have become quite the pro at this and if you have ever visited my home, you already know that the more worn something looks to me, the better. 

Step 1: Pick out old piece of furniture from flea market, thrift store, junk store, etc. The junkier the better. Don't underestimate the potential behind even the most hideous pieces of furniture you may find :)

Step 2: Make a trip to Lowes. 
You will need to get: spray can of paint primer, gloss paint, a cheap tarp, fine-grain sandpaper, and a  paint brush. Depending on how big/small whatever you're painting is, I recommend getting sample size paint to save money. It looks small, but I covered my coffee table with 2 coats and still had some leftover - and you can ask for it in any color. If you think you might need more, the pint covers 100 sq ft. 

Step 3: Set up tarp in a dry, flat area outside when you know it's not supposed to rain that day. Place furniture in the middle of the tarp and make sure none of the sides are able to blow over and stick to the wet paint once you begin.

Step 4: Scuff up table (or whatever you are painting) with sandpaper. You do not need to completely sand every inch of it. Just scuff it up evenly and smooth out any previous paint chips or uneven surfaces. This way, the primer will adhere better - no matter what kind of paint was used before.

 Step 5: Spray primer evenly over all surfaces that will be painted. As you can see, it does not need to be a solid coat like the paint. Let primer dry depending on the time it says on the can. If it's a hot day, it may take less time. (I did these tables last summer and they dried super fast in the heat).

Step 6: Paint 2 coats and let dry for a few hours. It's important to let the paint completely dry in order to properly distress. 

Step 7: (not pictured) Time to distress! After paint is dry, time to get out the sandpaper. (Again, be sure you are using fine-grain.) I always start out where any ridges or texture is - so usually the legs and edges where all the curves are. Sand lightly and apply more pressure until you see the natural wood showing through. For the flat surfaces, add a couple of distressed spots as well, but focus more on other areas, as you want to keep the idea of it looking more natural, thinking of where items actually become distressed over time.

Next, take a dry paint brush or paper towel and brush off the dust from sanding. Enjoy your new fabulous piece of furniture!

Life has been so busy for me lately. I know I always say that, but I truly am trying to slow down. Between working non-stop, traveling here and there on the weekends, birthdays, graduations, hellos, and goodbyes, time is just FLYING. I cannot believe it is the end of June already. It's so true that time goes by even faster when you're working. There are no spring/fall breaks to split up the time - and definitely no chillaxing by the pool on weekdays during the summer. Taylor always bugs me about blogging. I will randomly get a text saying "Sure would like to read a blog" and I never make the time to do it. SO, here is my measly effort to say HI and make excuses as to why I have been so terrible at keeping up with this thing. There really are lots of things I would like to share, but I guess one step at a time is going to have to be my promise to gradually be more consistent. For now, happy hump day!